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Oil & Gas Webinar
Oil and Gas

Cyber-Informed Engineering Transforms IT/OT Convergence in Oil & Gas Operations

IT/OT integration introduces threats to reliable operations. Connected networks move both data, malware, and remote-control cyber attacks along their wires and cables. In the Oil & Gas industry, E&P, pipelines, and refineries have found that securing IT/OT connections involves more than just having Enterprise Security telling Engineering what to do and Engineering saying “no” to IT over and over.

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Step 2 - Addressing Cyber Risk
OT cybersecurity insights center

Step 2 Addressing OT Cyber Risk: Asset Inventory & Dependencies

Managing OT Cyber risk takes on different approaches and expertise depending on the potential consequences of compromise to a particular system. This is why it is important to delve into the distinction and importance of an engineering-centric approach to managing OT cyber risk.

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NIS2 compliance cheat sheet
OT cybersecurity insights center

NIS2 Compliance for ICS

The NIS2 Directive is a directive by the European Parliament on the measures that need to be taken for a high common level of cybersecurity across the European Union.

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Protecting Data Center Infrastructure Blog Post

The Challenges of Safeguarding Data Center Infrastructure  

In data centers, ICS play a crucial role in managing cooling, power distribution, access control, and physical security. However, this convergence of OT and ICS with traditional IT systems also introduces potential vulnerabilities that malicious actors can exploit.

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