Hardware-Enforced Remote Access for OT Environments

Secure remote access with HERA® 

HERA® leverages hardware-enforced protections to ensure safe and secure remote access into OT environments


Hardware-Enforced Protections


Hardware-enforced security at the site perimeter –
HERA® ensures OT systems remain secure by leveraging robust hardware-based measures.


Isolated communication between client and site –
Communication channels are non-routable, minimizing opportunity for attack pivoting.


Client application
security reinforced –
Experience the strongest client security – a combination of application security and TPM, far surpassing browser-based alternatives.

How it works

HERA® Client

The HERA® client uses simple and filterable protocols to separately:

Captures and encrypts keystrokes and mouse moves and sent to HERA® Gateway.

Receives screen capture from HERA® Gateway, decrypted and displayed.

Communication channels are non-routable, minimizing exposure to external threats.

The HERA® client utilizes the hardware Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for:

Key storage.

Hardware restricted user access.

Encryption keys remain protected from software-based attacks. Hardware-user coupling eliminates the risk of session hijacking or credential theft.

HERA brochure element
HERA brochure elements

HERA® Gateway

The HERA® Gateway is comprised of two unidirectional gateways, each physically able to send information in only one direction.

Inbound HERA® with hardware filters to receive, decrypt, validate, and filter user keystrokes and mouse moves.

Outbound HERA® to encrypt and send screen capture to the user.

HERA® ensures that OT networks remain isolated from external TCP/IP traffic.

HERA® Gateway includes an internal app to activate user actions on local systems and computers.


Security-First Design

Prioritizing cybersecurity in every aspect.

Full-Featured Remote Access Solution

Comprehensive tools for modern OT requirements.

Proven Security Pedigree

Decades of experience distilled into every Waterfall Security product.

Enforce Physical Segregation

A solid barrier against cyber threats.

Safe Remote Access

Reduces risk and exposure.



Rich user access control and management


Session monitoring and recording


Access multiple sites from one HERA client

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Requires low-bandwidth. Fully functional in unstable networks

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SIEM reporting and logging

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Zero-Trust Controls

HERA - Remote access without the risks of network connectivity