Checklist: 9 Best Practices to Safeguard Upstream Oil & Gas Operations from Cyber Attacks

Checklist: 9 Best Practices to Safeguard Upstream Oil & Gas Operations from Cyber Attacks

Upstream Oil & Gas production has a unique range of threats and risks to consider when compared to other industrial operations.

Our checklist infographic takes a dive into what to consider and secure when it comes to Upstream operations.

Some highlights of what is covered:

  • CIE and IT Best Practices that apply to upstream and cyberattacks preparedness.
  • Onsite security, personnel security, and employe training that goes a long way.
  • Protecting against remote threats without restricting outside connectivity

Download our infographic checklist to make sure that you’ve covered all your bases in securing your upstream operations.

About the author
Picture of Kevin J. Rittie

Kevin J. Rittie

With over 30 years in the control system market, Kevin Rittie is a seasoned software and cybersecurity professional who has led diverse development groups with budgets up to $10M. He has a comprehensive background, starting as a project engineer and software developer, and has excelled in roles such as Product Management, Cybersecurity, Sales, and Marketing. Kevin's innovative contributions include leading the design of a patented control visualization architecture and driving the development of energy management solutions, culminating in the establishment of his own business, RevelationSCS, focused on change management, software practices, and securing critical infrastructure.

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