Waterfall Central™

Securely monitor all your Waterfall Gateways from anywhere.

Waterfall Central™ is a centralized monitoring system that simplifies remote monitoring of Waterfall Gateways with a secure, easy-to-use dashboard on a single pane of glass. Central’s dashboard is constantly updated and displays real-time statuses and alerts of all your Waterfall fleet.

With Waterfall Central:

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Save time and resources

Easily monitor all your Waterfall Gateways in one place.

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Keep everything running smoothly

Predictive maintenance and ticketing wizard help keep your Waterfall Gateways working at their best.

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Ensure optimize performance

Get the most out of all your Waterfall Gateways with proper configurations and updates.


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Drill-down alerts and status 

Sort, filter, and organize all alerts and statuses to quickly find the ones you need.


Predictive maintenance and alert management

Get notified of device or network issues including predictive maintenance.


Ticket support

Built-in wizard generates support tickets accurately and quickly.


User-defined naming/classification

Name and classify sites and devices to make everything easier to understand and remember.


Safe and secure

All connections remain unidirectional and unbreachable.

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Data leak protection

Sensitive data within the data logs remains hidden to prevent potential data leaks.

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Central dashboard

Browser-based dashboard that securely keeps track of all your Waterfall Gateways.


Throughput and capacity monitoring 

Keep track of throughputs and maintain firm understanding of data flow capacity. 

Unbreachable OT Connectivity,
Simplified and Streamlined.