Cyber-Informed Engineering Transforms IT/OT Convergence in Oil & Gas Operations

Join our webinar for an in-depth look at how CIE (Cyber-Informed Engineering) can help in converging IT and OT security for Oil & Gas operations.

Join us on February 28th or 29th 2024.
There will be 2 live streams of the webinar, please pick the date and time that works best for you.

Oil & Gas Webinar

On this webinar, we'll take you through:

IT/OT integration introduces threats to reliable operations. Connected networks move both data, malware, and remote-control cyber attacks along their wires and cables. In the Oil & Gas industry, E&P, pipelines, and refineries have found that securing IT/OT connections involves more than just having Enterprise Security telling Engineering what to do and Engineering saying “no” to IT over and over. 

However, understanding what “more” means has been the challenge.

Cyber-Informed Engineering (CIE) is a new approach to securing IT/OT convergence – an approach and a perspective that highlights important opportunities. For example, in CIE, worst-case consequences define security requirements for industrial networks, and consequence boundaries define unique spheres of expertise and approaches, including safety engineering, process engineering, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and leveraging industrial data in the cloud.

Join Kevin Rittie, Andrew Ginter, and Alan Acquatella in this webinar as they introduce a new approach to solving long standing challenges by:

arrow red right Identifying the challenges facing OT engineering as it strives to build secure bridges between operations, corporate, and the cloud in order to satisfy the ever growing need for operational data that drives strategic business growth.  

arrow red right Introducing CIE in a way that it is clear how this approach to secure-by-design engineering can improve the security and operational integrity of both brownfield and greenfield installations.

arrow red right Looking at some practical examples that make tangible how cyber-informed engineering and unidirectional network engineering combine to build safe and secure production environments.

arrow red right Listing some tangible next steps on your continuous cybersecurity journey.

Kevin Rittie, a Critical Infrastructure Technology Consultant

Kevin Rittie, a Critical Infrastructure Technology Consultant

With over 30 years in the control system market, Kevin Rittie is a seasoned software and cybersecurity professional who has led diverse development groups with budgets up to $10M. He has a comprehensive background, starting as a project engineer and software developer, and has excelled in roles such as Product Management, Cybersecurity, Sales, and Marketing.

Andrew Ginter, Waterfall VP Industrial Security

Andrew Ginter, Waterfall VP Industrial Security

Andrew Ginter is the most widely-read author in the industrial security space, with over 20,000 copies of his first two books in print. He is a trusted advisor to the world's most secure industrial enterprises, and contributes regularly to industrial cybersecurity standards and guidance.

Alan Acquatella, Industry Expert at Schneider Electric

Alan Acquatella, Industry Expert at Schneider Electric

Alan Acquatella heads the Pipeline & New Energies Infrastructure Segment for Schneider Electric. He brings domain expertise about industry and customer requirements and provides thought leadership and knowledge on valuable technologies and services customers can use to improve their operations and sustainability efforts.


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