Metals and Mining

Mines, smelters and other heavy industries present unique cybersecurity challenges. Sabotage of critical control system computers can pose serious safety threats to workers at these sites. Emergency shutdowns and other equipment failures can result in serious physical damage and major losses for these facilities.

To make matters worse, the pervasive threat environment continues to worsen. Many of today’s targeted ransomware attackers are backed by nation-states, and are using the most sophisticated attack techniques ever seen.

Mines, smelters and other heavy industries urgently need cost-effective and extremely robust cyber protections. While intrusion detection, security monitoring, and incident response all play an important role in robust security programs, they fall short when it comes to preventing these attacks. And preventing these attacks is the top priority at sites where worker safety and massive physical investments are at stake.

With Waterfall you get


Safe IT/OT Integration

Unidirectional Security Gateways provide mining and metals operations with access to OT industrial data such as equipment usage for predictive maintenance and automatic spare parts ordering, but without providing attackers or malware any access to the industrial systems.


Continuous Monitoring

Unidirectional Gateways provide enterprise and out-sourced Security Operations Centers (SOCs) with safe access to vital network data, so that mining and smelting operations can leverage specialized expertise and economies of scale.


Worker Safety

Unidirectional Gateways help assure the safety of workers and on-site vendors who operate and maintain the production operations for metals and minting operations. 

Use cases

Steel Casting

Waterfall Unidirectional Gateways provides unbreachable, engineering-grade protection for steel casting operations to connect their industrial OT networks safely to the IT network, allowing them to securely send data to 3rd-party vendors including those based in The Cloud. 

Mining Operations

Unidirectional Gateways are used for the safe and secure replication of data from the mining operations’ OT network to its IT network and The Cloud. This allows mining staff to safely monitor critical network screens in real-time and access the critical networks in a controlled way if they need to make adjustments.

How it works

Group 1117


An industrial network safley to an IT network

Group 1117-1


The industrial network with hardware enforced technology

Group 1117-2


Real-time operational servers to the enterprise IT network

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