5 Ways Waterfall Central™ Improves Situational Awareness 

Introducing Waterfall Central™: Come for simple remote monitoring of multiple devices, stay for the situational awareness.
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WF Central Situational Awareness

Situational awareness (SA) is one of the most important facets when considering any form of security, and especially cybersecurity. Network Operation Centers (NOC) and Security Operation Centers (SOC) are keen to have a strong grasp of what is going on within their scope of responsibilities. This way, they can be proactive instead of reactive to threats, risks, and general operational incidents.  

Waterfall Central™ is a browser-based solution designed to enable personnel responsible for multiple Waterfall devices to easily monitor all their devices.  

Waterfall Central™ is a browser-based solution designed to enable personnel responsible for multiple Waterfall devices to easily monitor all their devices.  

All Your Waterfall Devices on a Single Pane of Glass

Beyond simply allowing 1 person to monitor multiple Waterfall assets, the Waterfall Central delivers something else: Situational Awareness. If youre an analyst in a NOC (network operating center) or SOC (security operating center) and you need better operational awareness, Waterfall Central™ was designed for you. While Central primarily addresses the increasing demand for monitoring multiple Waterfall appliances, Central can serve other important purposes that facilitate added security. 

5 Examples of Improved Situational Awareness with Waterfall Central™

1. Heartbeat Signal Monitoring

In the event that a Waterfall device stops sending a heartbeat signal, Waterfall Central™ provides immediate awareness. This could be indicative of various issues, such as a loose cable, server room power failure, or a blown fuse. Identifying and addressing such issues promptly can prevent complications.  

2. Real-time Issue Resolution

Waterfall Central™ presents a clear picture of all Waterfall devices on a single screen, allowing for the swift identification and resolution of emerging issues. The built-in wizard generates issue tickets for prompt communication with the OEM, which saves time and helps resolve any issues faster.  

The opposite of situational awareness is ‘being distracted’, so by helping avoid the distraction of chasing down inconsequential incidents and OEM reporting, attention can be applied elsewhere. 

3. Confirmation of OT Connectivity

Central assists in confirming OT connectivity, ensuring that various IT systems are receiving data from Waterfall devices. This feature is particularly valuable when onboarding new solutions to optimize industrial processes, offering a quick way to verify proper integration and functionality. 

4. Automated Alerts for Anomalies

Waterfall Central™ is equipped with built-in alerts that notify users of device failures or abnormalities. These alerts can be configured to draw attention to anomalies that may indicate security incidents or other problems, providing an additional layer of proactive security measures.  

5. Rapid Incident Evaluation

One of the most useful capabilities that comes from having all your Waterfalls on a single pane of glass is knowing that an “incident” is nothing. A good example would be connectivity dropping across many devices at the same time for a few minutes, and then goes back up. Such a scenario is most often just IT resetting an internet router or switch. If such an incident was to be reviewed after-the-fact on each device’s logs, it would probably require a good amount of work before determining it was just an inconsequential event. By seeing all Waterfall devices in real-time, such conclusions can be reached quickly and easily.  

Centralized Security, Better Awareness

By keeping a centralized dashboard for all your Waterfall devices, it is easier to ensure that everything is running smoothly, while reducing the person hours needed to simply confirm certain details and knowing about important issues sooner. And keep in mind this is in addition to the primary benefits that Central has to offer, which is monitoring multiple Waterfalls 

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