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Unidirectional Security Gateways are a combination of hardware and software, offering absolute protection with complete network visibility.

The hardware transmits information from industrial and control networks to external networks but is physically incapable of propagating any online cyber attack back into the protected network.

The software connectors duplicate servers and simulate devices, allowing enterprise users and applications to maintain bidirectional access to OT data from the replicated servers. All data permitted for sharing with the enterprise is accessible within the replicas.

How it works

Group 1117


An industrial network safely to an IT network

Group 1117-1


The industrial network with hardware enforced technology

Group 1117-2


Real-time operational servers to the enterprise IT network


Waterfall’s flagship WF-600 Unidirectional Security Gateway provides unbreachable protection for OT / industrial control system networks. The WF-600 gateway provides OT network perimeter protection with a hardware enforced, physical barrier preventing remote attacks, malware, DOS attacks, ransomware and human errors from entering the protected network.

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The WF-500 Unidirectional Security Gateway offers unbreachable industrial protection, enables safe IT/OT integration, secure remote access, and unlimited industrial network monitoring.

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The Waterfall WF-500 DIN Rail is a Unidirectional Security Gateway in a compact design that allows space-constrained sites to benefit from Waterfall’s unbreachable physical protection from cyber attacks on industrial networks. 

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Waterfall for IDS

Waterfall for Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) enables IT networks to safely monitor OT systems to detect intrusion attempts by preventing the risk of anything going back into the OT networks via the IDS.

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WF-Secure Bypass

The Waterfall Secure Bypass Module provides physical protection for emergency and other remote support mechanisms, while providing the industrial site with physical control over the frequency and duration of remote access. Secure Bypass provides secure remote access for trusted insiders.

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The Waterfall FLIP is a type of Unidirectional Gateway whose orientation can be physically reversed, enabling safe scheduled updates to OT networks without the vulnerabilities firewalls always introduce.

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The Waterfall Blackbox provides a tamper-proof online repository that can survive a cyber attack, preventing attackers from hiding evidence of how they entered a network and their malicious actions within it.

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