Government and Defense

Government security agencies, defense departments, financial institutions and other sensitive sites world-wide are vulnerable to online cyberattacks targeted at exfiltrating sensitive data. Since all software has vulnerabilities, protecting an organization’s most sensitive information with only software and firewalls is not sufficient from a national security standpoint.

Software and firewalls can be exploited by malicious and sophisticated adversaries seeking to gain access to sensitive data stored in high-security networks. Waterfall’s unidirectional solutions use hardware to enforce the highest levels of security to provide remote solutions.

With Waterfall you get


Secure Remote Access

Waterfall’s HERA® , Hardware-Enforced Remote Access, provides the functionality of remote access, without the inherent risks and threats that come with network connectivity. 


Complete control over file and email sources and destinations

Safe, real-time delivery of information into high security networks from lower security  and Internet sources. 


Elimination of remote cyberattacks and malware propagation

Detect and eliminate known and unknown threats in files, emails and uploads moving into high-security networks.

Use cases

Remote Access

Hardware Enforced Remote Access (HERA® ) enables remote management, updates, and troubleshooting for OT networks, safely. When software-based secure remote access is too great a risk, HERA® ‘s hardware provides remote functionality without the risks of remote connectivity. 

Secure File Transfer

Waterfall Unidirectional Gateways enable secure data transfer ‎and safe device access between low security and high security networks. Waterfall’s Unidirectional Gateways with their wide range of file transfer connectors then enable ‎enterprises to safely transfer scanned files to a high security network.‎

All Waterfall File Transfer connectors are most often configured as file transfer clients, ‎pulling files from the low security ‎network and securely transferring those files to devices on high security networks. ‎

‎Secure Email

Waterfall Unidirectional Gateways with the Waterfall for SMTP connector enable high security ‎networks to receive email from less secure networks ‎and from the Internet, without risk of data leakage or malware infiltration, thus protecting classified information.

‎The Waterfall for SMTP connector provides safe, unidirectional email delivery of ‎sanitized emails between from low to high security networks, while providing complete control over ‎email sources and ‎destinations. Waterfall Unidirectional Gateway hardware prevents any data exfiltration or leakage from the high security network back to the low security sources.

How it works

Group 1117


A high security/classified network with a less secure network

Group 1117-1


Against data exfiltration & malware propagation with hardware enforced technology

Group 1117-2


Information from a less secure network safely to the high-side

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