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Oil & Gas Webinar
Oil and Gas

Cyber-Informed Engineering Transforms IT/OT Convergence in Oil & Gas Operations

IT/OT integration introduces threats to reliable operations. Connected networks move both data, malware, and remote-control cyber attacks along their wires and cables. In the Oil & Gas industry, E&P, pipelines, and refineries have found that securing IT/OT connections involves more than just having Enterprise Security telling Engineering what to do and Engineering saying “no” to IT over and over.

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OT cybersecurity insights center

Webinar: Engineering-Grade OT Security: A manager’s guide

Join our next webinar to learn about engineering-grade OT security, a new model for cyber risk, and how to decide how much security is needed for different types of systems, as described in Andrew Ginter’s new book, Engineering-Grade OT Security: A Manager’s Guide.

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