Webinar: Cyber-securing Safety and Equipment Protection Systems in Mining

Join us on May 29th, with 2 live webinar sessions at 9:00 AM Singapore time, and 11:00 AM New York time.

Cyber-securing Safety and Equipment Protection Systems in Mining

Safety is the top priority in almost all mines, and reliable, efficient physical operations are close seconds. Cybersecurity is essential to all these priorities, in a world where automation is remotely accessible and where many mines are the targets of threats from sophisticated ransomware criminals to nation states. In addition, the trend towards cloud computing and cloud-based predictive maintenance services complicates cybersecurity and expands attack opportunities.

The good news is that Cyber-Informed Engineering (CIE) offers a new engineering-friendly approach to understanding and addressing cyber threats that have the potential to impair worker safety and damage long-lead-time equipment.

Join our webinar on Wednesday May 29th where we'll look at:

arrow red right The latest cyberattack outage data as we introduce CIE and dig into consequences, blind spots, electro-mechanical mitigations, and network engineering. 

arrow red right Comparing engineering-grade designs to IT-grade designs such as “secure” remote access and “secure” by design initiatives – these IT-grade approaches work well for small shoe factories, but have serious limitations in the most consequential mining networks.

arrow red right We’ll finish with a look at advanced topics – such as data abstraction for safer cloud-based remote control of mining operations.

About the Speaker

Picture of Andrew Ginter, Waterfall VP Industrial Security

Andrew Ginter, Waterfall VP Industrial Security

Andrew Ginter is the most widely-read author in the industrial security space, with over 20,000 copies of his first two books in print. He is a trusted advisor to the world's most secure industrial enterprises, and contributes regularly to industrial cybersecurity standards and guidance.


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