Engineering-Grade IEC 62443 – A Guide For Power Generation

Join our webinar for an in-depth look the IEC 62443 standard, IEC 62443-3-2 risk assessments, and why would we need 62443-4-2 certified components for power generation operations.

We will host 2 live streams of the webinar:
March 27 – 11:00 AM New York
March 28 – 9:00 AM Singapore

Engineering-Grade IEC 62443 - A guide for power generation Webinar

IEC 62443 is used widely in power generation, but some aspects of the standard are ambiguous, and others are easily confused. The Cyber-Informed Engineering (CIE) initiative, funded by the US Department of Energy, is a new way to look at IEC 62443 – a perspective that clears up a lot of confusion. Join Andrew Ginter and Jesus Molina in this webinar for a preview of a new Waterfall guide to IEC 62443 for power generation, seen through the lens of CIE

All participants will receive a copy of the new guide when it is released, shortly after the webinar.

In this webinar, you will learn:

arrow red right What are the IEC 62443 standards and which ones apply to power generation?

arrow red right How can CIE help IEC 62443-3-2 risk assessments determine Security Level targets?

arrow red right How can engineering-grade mitigations eliminate cyber threats, in addition to IEC 62443-3-3 mitigations?

arrow red right What kind of extra protection do we get from 62443-4-2 certified components?


About the Speaker

Picture of Andrew Ginter, Waterfall VP Industrial Security

Andrew Ginter, Waterfall VP Industrial Security

Andrew Ginter is the most widely-read author in the industrial security space, with over 20,000 copies of his first two books in print. He is a trusted advisor to the world's most secure industrial enterprises, and contributes regularly to industrial cybersecurity standards and guidance.

Picture of Dr. Jesus Molina, Director of Industrial Security

Dr. Jesus Molina, Director of Industrial Security

Jesus Molina is Waterfall’s Director of Industrial Security. He is a security expert in both OT and IT security. A former hacker, his research on offensive security in industrial systems has been echoed by many publications and media, including Wired and NPR.
Mr. Molina has acted as chair of several security organizations, including the Trusted Computing Group and the IoT Internet Consortium. He is the co-writer of the Industrial Internet Security Framework and the author of several security-related patents and academic research papers.


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