Type: Systems integrator & value added reseller


Region: Japan

Why did we partner with waterfall?

Terilogy has put our efforts into OT/ICS security business and developed our business. We have deployed security solutions to critical infrastructures, electric power plants, or chemical plants. However, to deal with cyber-attacks that are likely to increase more in the future and provide further OT/ICS security, we have decided to work with Waterfall Security. We highly value the product power of unidirectional communication with numerous achievements and patents worldwide. Terilogy and Waterfall Security will solve increasing customer and market needs together.

Partner business overview

Since our establishment in 1989, Terilogy has provided advanced technology products and solutions in networks and security to more than 300 companies in Japan. Utilizing the knowledge we have built up over many years, we focus on security solutions. In particular, OT/ICS security, cloud security, and IT security are the fields in which we are expanding our business.




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Strengthening OT Security in Japan