Type: Systems integrator & value added reseller


Region: Nordics

Why did we partner with waterfall?

SecuriOT is dedicated to delivering “best-in-class” OT security solutions to our customers and we recognize that Waterfall has over several years been the leader within Unidiretional Gateway technology. So this is a perfect fit.

Partner business overview

SecuriOT is a company focusing on being the “trusted Advisor”​ and delivering solutions and service to secure production systems (OT/ICS) against the cyber threats.

Our approach starts at production environments (OT). It is essential to ensure, that the companies can deliver goods and services to their customers and having the right security level at the same time. Our approach to security is based on the fact, that we have an extensive OT-knowledge, since we are a part of NOVOTEK Group. (www.novotek.com)

An important foundation for SecuriOT’s business approach, is that OT-security is not just fixed with a quick analysis or network component. It is a continuous process to keep security at the right level. It requires a new mindset, greater visibility and an better understanding of the cyber threats against your company. This is where SecuriOT will create value for our customers.


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SecuriOT and Waterfall Security Forge a Powerful Cybersecurity Alliance