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Why did we partner with waterfall?

As a systems integrator and engineering company, we work with all aspects of the OT environment. Waterfall simply offers products that are unmatched in the industry. The ability to have a fully secure unidirectional gateway to guarantee safe traversal of the IT/OT bridge is of utmost importance. With the daily advancements in cybersecurity threats that can cripple organizations, paired with an OT environment that simply can’t operate under an isolated mentality anymore, Waterfall is the solution. More and more companies are data-driven and must “see it to believe it”. This allows for providing a successful avenue to harness that data while ensuring that the OT is fully protected from the cybersecurity threats that exist today. The infamous “human error” factor always comes into consideration when designing any system (especially configuring the typical firewall deployments the industry is used to), and this is a solution that can mitigate nearly all of this. We are very excited to add Waterfall to our service offerings as this is being paired with every engineering service we provide, from controls engineering to physical security solutions. We are proposing to implement this with every project we do, as this offers our clients the paramount solution to OT protection.

– AXYS CTO, Shane M. Ranck, FMP  

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Waterfall and AXYS Forge Powerful Partnership to Provide Unmatched OT Protection for Data Centers