Waterfall and AXYS Forge Powerful Partnership to Provide Unmatched OT Protection for Data Centers

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Waterfall and AXYS Forge Powerful Partnership to Provide Unmatched OT Protection for Data Centers

Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA. April 9, 2024 – Waterfall Security Solution and AXYS are thrilled to announce a new partnership that will deliver a new level of OT protection for data centers, enhancing cybersecurity measures for clients with mission-critical facilities.

Waterfall Security Solutions is a leading provider of OT Security, with a range of unbreachable Unidirectional Security Gateways that enable safe IT/OT integration.  AXYS is a global leader in integrating and engineering operational technology (OT) solutions. The new partnership will see both companies working together toward securing critical infrastructure across the Americas.


Shane M. Ranck, FMP
Shane M. Ranck, FMP

“As a systems integrator and engineering company, we work with all aspects of the OT environment. Waterfall simply offers products that are unmatched in the industry,” highlights AXYS CTO, Shane M. Ranck, FMP. “The ability to have a fully secure unidirectional gateway to guarantee safely traversing the IT/OT bridge is of utmost importance. We are proposing to implement this with every project we do as this offers our clients the paramount solution to OT protection.”


Ran Pedhazur, COO of Waterfall
Ran Pedhazur, COO of Waterfall

“AXYS’s deep experience in the data center field, combined with their strong presence in the market, makes them a natural partner for Waterfall’s entire product lineup,” explained Ran Pedhazur, COO of Waterfall. “By partnering with a well-established integrator and engineering service provider such as AXYS, we are able to deploy more Waterfall unidirectional gateways to many more colos and facilities, and in less time. We are excited to see where this partnership takes us both, together.”

The partnership comes at a crucial time when cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, posing significant risks to organizations’ operations. With Waterfall’s unidirectional security gateway solutions, AXYS can provide clients with robust protection against existing and emerging cyber threats, while ensuring seamless data flow between IT and OT environments.


About Waterfall

Waterfall Security Solutions’ unbreachable OT cybersecurity technologies keep our world running. For more than 15 years, critical industries and infrastructure have trusted Waterfall to guarantee safe, secure, and reliable operations. Waterfall’s growing list of global customers includes national infrastructures, power plants, nuclear reactors, onshore and offshore oil & gas facilities, refineries, manufacturing plants, utilities, and more. Waterfall’s patented Unidirectional Gateways and other revolutionary products combine the benefits of impenetrable hardware with unlimited software-based connectivity, enabling 100% safe visibility into industrial operations and automation systems.


About AXYS

AXYS specializes in various OT services, including controls/automation engineering, physical security solutions, OT network/server management, and firewall protection. With a commitment to excellence and long-lasting partnerships, AXYS aims to empower clients across multiple sectors, including data centers, building automation, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and robotics.

“Our key business goal is to provide the best service and produce the best product to our clients,” notes Shane M. Ranck, FMP. “We grow with our clients and have that commitment to partner with them to achieve their vision.”

AXYS is headquartered in Michigan, USA, with multiple office locations nationwide and internationally, emphasizes collaboration and teamwork as core values, ensuring the success of every project and fostering enduring partnerships with clients.


For more information about AXYS and its partnership with Waterfall Security, visit www.axys.global


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