Waterfall and rSolutions Joint Webinar

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A Joint Webinar from Waterfall & rSolutions

What should Canadian water systems learn from recent cyber attacks?

18 March 2021

10 AM Vancouver (PDT) / 1 PM Toronto (EDT)

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Join us to look at what the Oldimar, Florida cyber attack and similar attacks really do mean, and do not mean, for water system security.  We review the attacks in light of analog and digital safeties as well as secondary protections in automation systems. And then, given these examples, we go back to basics – what are the real cyber risks we need to worry about? What are the tools & techniques available to manage those risks? And which of these tools and techniques make more sense in smaller water systems vs larger systems and why?


60 minutes

Who’s it for?

Water system managers and supervisors
Utility board/commission members
Process, DCS and SCADA engineers
ICS and enterprise security practitioners

In this webinar you will learn:

What happened most recently in Florida, and in other water system attacks historically
Why smaller water systems are the credible targets for cyber terrorists
Cybersecurity and industrial security drivers and first principles
How to use these principles to create affordable and effective security programs
How to scale these programs from the smallest to the biggest of utilities


CEO & Founder rSolutions Corporation & former Supervisor, IT Security Services for SaskPower

Director of Industrial Security at Waterfall Security

What do people think about our Webinars?

Very useful webinar, its topic was a soup of complex ideas which interfere with each other to smaller or bigger extent and it was delightful to listen to Andrew who obviously understands to what he is talking about and who can deliver the main ideas very clearly. Thank you.

System Engineer
Great webinar! Looking forward to the next session.

Chief Operations Officer
United States
Great webinar! I appreciated the additional explanation about how unidirectional gateways simulate servers. Thanks!

IS/IT Contractor
United States
Excellent presentation. Thank you

Mechanical Engineer
Saudi Arabia
Good webinar… Hoping we can receive the copy of the materials via email too. Good Job Andrew. Great presenter. It was clearly presented and explained.



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Picture of Waterfall team

Waterfall team

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