Leading the OT Revolution

Leading the OT Revolution

Introducing the WF-600, the next step in the OT revolution
offering unbreachable protection, extreme ease of use,
and unlimited visibility into OT

watch our video on unidirectional gateways

watch our video on unidirectional gateways

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The OT Security Revolution

This is the OT security revolution. In the first decade of the OT / ICS security discipline, practitioners took inspiration from IT security, because that’s all we had. Back then, the question was “how much like IT security can we make our OT / industrial security program?” Today, the world is asking different questions.

Bridging industrial Cybersecurity Workforce Gaps | Episode #101

Different kinds of organizations in different stages of their cybersecurity evolution need to look for different kinds of people to contribute to their industrial security programs. Jason Rivera a Director at Security Risk Advisors joins us to look at workforce capability gaps and different approaches needed to fill those gaps in different scenarios.

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