WF-500 DIN Rail

The Waterfall WF-500 DIN Rail is a Unidirectional Security Gateway in a compact design that allows space-constrained sites to benefit from Waterfall’s unbreachable physical protection from cyber attacks on industrial networks. 

The DIN Rail version of Waterfall’s market-leading Unidirectional Security Gateway offers the same throughput, connectivity, functionality and security as Waterfall’s full-sized rack-mounted version. The availability of a smaller form factor is ideal for substations, pumping stations, compressor stations and anywhere else where space is limited.

How it works

The software replicates servers, while the hardware provides an impassable physical barrier to attacks

Group 1117


An OT network safely to a less secure IT network

Group 1117-1


The OT network with hardware-enforced technology

Group 1117-2


OT data in real-time to external networks


Safe SCADA WAN connectivity

Seamless integration with SCADA systems across SCADA WANs, combining the benefits of impenetrable hardware with software-based connectivity.

Defeats online cyber attacks

Reduce down-time, equipment damage, environmental & public safety incidents and ensure operational continuity by preventing cyber attacks

Seamless integration

Without the need to install software remote station networks, making OT networks transparent to SCADA systems and applications

Extensive cots solutions

An extensive library of software connectors for industrial systems and devices

Small form factor

DIN rail form factor fits small sites with challenging space constraints

Unbreachable physical barrier

Protects absolutely from online cyber attacks originating from IT networks or the Internet


Icon 40

Standard DIN Rail form factor


1 Gbps standard throughput


Optional High-Availability configuration


Front panel cabinet connections for clear system visibility

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Compatible with dozens of industrial COTS software connectors


Flexible connector hosting supporting Windows and Linux

Technical specifications


11.3cm(W), 21.3cm(H), 25cm(D) DIN Rail rack mount


9-36V DC


3 kg

Network Interfaces

4 x 1Gbps

Certification & Compliance


Common Criteria EAL4+, Singapore NITES, Korean KC, Israel NIS


Idaho National Labs, Digital Bond Labs

Enables compliance with

Global ICS Standards & Regulations, NERC CIP, IEC 62443, NRC 5.71, NIST 800-82R2, CFATS, ISO, Industrial Internet Consortium SF, ANSSI ICS Standards, and many more

One way for data.
Zero entry for attackers.