Inbound / Outbound Gateways

In cases where information must be sent continuously into a SCADA network, the deployment of inbound/outbound Unidirectional Gateways is used. An outbound Unidirectional Gateway replicates servers from the plant to the external network, and a second, independent inbound gateway replicates servers from the external network into the industrial plant.

How it works

Group 1117


An OT network safely to a less secure IT network

Group 1117-1


The OT network with hardware-enforced technology

Group 1117-2


OT data in real-time to external networks


Unbreachable security

Hardware-enforced protection

Unlimited connectivity

Dozens of COTS software connectors

Self contained

All-in-one software platform

Scalability & Performance

1 or 10 Gbps throughput hardware options


Powerful web-based user interface

Safe IT/OT integration

The benefits of IT/OT connectivity, without the risks

One way for data.
Zero entry for attackers.