Type: Technology partner


Region: Global

Why did we partner with waterfall?

Waterfall Security Solutions, partners with Tenable, a leading provider of security solutions for industrial control system (ICS) and operational technology (OT) environments, to safely centralize OT and IT security monitoring. Tenable combines hybrid, policy-based monitoring and anomaly detection with unique device integrity checks to enable organizations to proactively identify and respond to ICS security threats and prevent disruptions. The integrated system enables log, sensor and other security data to pass, in a secure fashion, from OT networks to IT systems for analysis, investigation and reporting.

In addition, Waterfall Unidirectional Security Gateways enable safe updates of Tenable Nessus® Professional and Tenable SecurityCenter®. Systems that use Nessus scans and SecurityCenter are often situated on independent networks with no connections to networks outside the system site. Waterfall’s solutions for Tenable enables secure updates of these products.




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