Type: Systems integrator & value added reseller


Region: India

Why did we partner with waterfall?

Ecubix is owned by Value Chain Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd provides smart solutions for Business Transformation in four areas – Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Channel management & Sales. A CMMI Level 3 company, implements its own products and that of the world’s leading OEMs for IT-OT integration, Asset performance management, and AI/ML-based predictive analytics. 

Partner business overview

We have a pool of qualified professionals, domain knowledge, the experience of working with Fortune 500 companies, and a ‘concept to execute’​ approach to bring large-scale transformation. Our vision is to catalyze the business growth of our partners in progress by optimizing objectives collectively and delivering integrated solutions. Now to ensure our partner’s data security we have added the unidirectional data flow technology patented by Waterfall Securities to our portfolio.



Partner Resources