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About the Recorded Webinar

In this presentation, viewers will be introduced to Christopher Crawford, a renowned thought leader in the Transportation Industry, who will delve into the fascinating history of rail transportation cybersecurity. Mr. Crawford will highlight the evolution of systems integration and complexity, leading to the core concepts of Operational Technology (OT) Cyber Security in the rail sector. He will emphasize its growing importance due to escalating business demands for connectivity and digitalization.

The presentation will feature a review of practical use cases that demonstrate the real-world impact of cybersecurity threats on transit systems. Mr. Crawford will also discuss upcoming standards and TSA Cyber Directives, including the emerging TS 50701, which focuses on network segmentation as a key strategy to improve cybersecurity. By exploring these topics, viewers will gain an understanding of the historical context of rail transportation cybersecurity, the growing importance of OT Cyber Security, and the steps being taken to address cybersecurity risks in the industry.

Key Take Aways

The key takeaways from this presentation will emphasize the need for greater connectivity, the rising cybersecurity challenges, and the ongoing development of enhanced security standards. Overall, this presentation will provide valuable insights for those interested in the Transportation Industry and its cybersecurity challenges.

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About Chris Crawford, Transportation Industry Director – Waterfall Security Solutions

Chris Crawford leads Waterfall’s cybersecurity strategy and business development functions for transportation industries including rail transport and airports. In addition to his role at Waterfall, Chris is a Managing Partner at nTEG and a co-chair of the Cyber and New Technologies Committee at the American Public Transportation Association.

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Picture of Waterfall team

Waterfall team

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