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OT Security Solutions
OT cybersecurity insights center

OT Security Solutions: Exploring Technologies

The operational technology (OT) environments that power critical infrastructure face rapidly escalating cyber threats. As facilities like power plants, water treatment centers, and manufacturing plants connect operations to external networks, they expose vulnerable legacy OT systems. Attacks like TRITON, Stuxnet, and Industroyer demonstrate the damage hackers can inflict when they access operational networks. To protect themselves, organizations need OT security solutions exploring for industrial control systems.

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Oil & Gas Webinar
Oil and Gas

Cyber-Informed Engineering Transforms IT/OT Convergence in Oil & Gas Operations

IT/OT integration introduces threats to reliable operations. Connected networks move both data, malware, and remote-control cyber attacks along their wires and cables. In the Oil & Gas industry, E&P, pipelines, and refineries have found that securing IT/OT connections involves more than just having Enterprise Security telling Engineering what to do and Engineering saying “no” to IT over and over.

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UAE based oil and gas refinery
Oil and Gas

UAE Based Oil & Gas Refinery 

How a UAE-based refinery was able to protect their legacy system to the extent it could safely be connected to the internet, IT networks, and the Cloud.

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