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What is OT anyway?
OT cybersecurity insights center

What is OT Anyway?

Engineers have very recently started to use the “OT” term, primarily when interacting with enterprise security teams. Engineers use the term to refer to the computers and networks that control important, complex, and often dangerous physical processes

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are we still trying to protect industrial information
OT cybersecurity insights center

OT Security: Are We Protecting the Information?

Industrial network engineers have always been uneasy with the task of “protecting information”. The real priority for OT security is in stopping inbound malicious information from entering the system and threatening machinery and workers.

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UAE based oil and gas refinery
Oil and Gas

UAE Based Oil & Gas Refinery 

How a UAE-based refinery was able to protect their legacy system to the extent it could safely be connected to the internet, IT networks, and the Cloud.

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