Safety & Cybersecurity for Nuclear Generators | Recorded Webinar

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Safety is the top priority at nuclear generators, but computer automation and computer connectivity are both important to efficient operations. The problem is that automation and connectivity each open opportunities for cyber attacks. How can we operate our generators both safely and efficiently in the face of cyberattacks on our computer automation?

Brian Derrico and Andrew Ginter explore this question in general, and in particular look at the role that Unidirectional Security Gateways have in cybersecurity programs for nuclear generators. Our panelists look at the gateways, relevant cybersecurity standards, how the gateways and other measures enable safe automation, and the kinds of automation efficiencies that unidirectional gateways enable safely and routinely.


Andrew Ginter – VP Industrial Security at Waterfall Security Solutions and author of Secure Operations Technology (SEC-OT)
Brian Derrico – Cybersecurity Program Manager at a North American Nuclear Operator

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Picture of Waterfall team

Waterfall team

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