Top 10 Cyberattacks of 2023

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2023 saw an uptick of cyberattacks across many industries. Our infographic focuses on cyberattacks in 2023 that impacted industrial operations, specifically Operational Technology (OT) security and Industrial Controls Systems (ICS) that are commonly used within critical and important infrastructure.

The consequences from the cyberattacks in our infographic range from a short 1-day shutdown to an entire operation being stopped and staff being furloughed. It is also probable that many other industrial cyberattacks occurred in this 2023 time-period but were not serious enough to require being reported, or that were exempt from being reported for other reasons.

About the author 

Picture of Rees Machtemes, P.Eng.

Rees Machtemes, P.Eng.

Rees Machtemes is a Director of Industrial Security at Waterfall Security Solutions, and the lead researcher for Waterfall’s 2024 Threat Report. He is a professional engineer with 15 years of hands-on experience with both IT and OT systems. Rees has designed power generation and transmission substations, automated food and beverage plant, audited and tested private and government telecom solutions, and supported IT data centers and OT hardware vendors. This experience has led him to champion cyber-safe systems design and architecture.

An obsessive tinkerer and problem-solver, you’ll often spot him next to a soldering station, mechanic’s toolbox, or stack of UNIX servers. He holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta.


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