The Industrial Security Podcast: The 5 Most Downloaded Episodes of 2019

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2019 Year in Review: The Industrial Security Podcast launched in January 2019. Andrew Ginter, Waterfall’s VP Industrial Security co-hosts the podcast to explore important industrial security topics in every episode with experts in the field. 2019 saw 25 episodes released, with over 100K downloads. As 2019 comes to a close, we look back at the top five episodes by downloads. The top five include guests from the United States, Israel, and Germany: Joe Weiss, Dr. Gabi Siboni, Jens Weisner, Patrick Miller, and Jonathan Pollet. To hear the insights of our most popular guests, click on each episode below.

1. IT vs OT: Challenges and Opportunities – Joe Weiss

Industrial security pioneer Joe Weiss explained how there are 3 networks, not 2 – IT, OT and Engineering, with examples from the 2007 aurora test.

2. Israeli Cybersecurity – Dr. Gabi Siboni

Gabi Siboni talked about standards, challenges and current initiatives in Israel – perhaps most thoroughly-cyber-protected nation on the planet.

3. German Initiatives and Progress in Cybersecurity – Jens Weisner

Jens Weisner, of the German BSI, talked about cybersecurity in Germany – progress, challenges and a little comparing of the German approach to what he sees happening in North America.

4. Running with Scissors – Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller, Managing Partner at Archer Energy Solutions, discussed how technology advances in Industrial Control Systems are out-pacing existing industrial cybersecurity and business risk management programs and what needs to change to keep pace.

5. ICS Penetration Testing – Jonathan Pollet

Jonathan Pollet, CEO of Red Tiger Security, walked us through how his crew does control system penetration testing, often with live, running systems as a target, with examples of findings and how customers use those findings.

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