Recorded Webinar: The NIS2 Directive: A Guide for OT Professionals

In this recorded webinar, we take an in-depth look at the European NIS2 Directive and help explain the timeline for its rollout, who needs to comply, and what compliance with the directive will most likely look like.
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NIS2 Recorded Webinar

Some of the highlights we discussed about NIS2:

arrow red right  From NIS to NIS2: Tracing the journey of how the NIS was transposed into law and highlighting the novelties introduced in NIS2.

arrow red right NIS2 Deep Dive: We explain the NIS2 Directive’s implications for OT cybersecurity.

arrow red right Real-World Applications: How to apply NIS2 guidelines in diverse OT scenarios, using IEC63452 and NCCS as examples.

arrow red right Risk Management Strategies: Examples of effective strategies to mitigate risks in OT environments, ensuring compliance with NIS2.


Dr. Molina also discussed the timelines of the NIS2 Directive’s rollout, and what needs to be completed by each deadline in order to be compliant.NIS2 Directive timeline


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