Cyber Attacks with Physical Consequences 2023 Threat Report | Recorded Webinar

Waterfall team

Waterfall team

Andrew Ginter, Rees Machtemes and Greg Hale discuss recent attacks, trends, and lessons from the recent 2023 Waterfall / ICSStrive Threat Report, which included 57 cyber attacks that had real-world physical consequences.

We covered many facets of the threat report in the webinar. One key takeaway was the urgent need to separate OT and IT services so that infrastructure and industrial operations can continue to operate even when IT networks might be compromised.

We covered a range of topics in the webinar, including:

The steady evolution of OT cyber incidents with physical consequences over the past decade or so. And we covered how such attacks have significantly accelerated over the past 2-3 years.

The value of separating OT and IT networks so that a compromise on IT doesn’t impact OT production.

Engineering-grade solutions and cyber-informed security that can significantly reduce the possibility of cybersecurity incidents causing physical consequences.


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