OT Security Incidents In 2021

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OT Security Incidents In 2021

In 2021, of 64 incidents reported in discrete manufacturing and process industries, 22 were cyber attacks with physical consequences. These attacks represent a 144% increase over such incidents in 2020. Almost all these attacks resulted from targeted ransomware and impacted multiple sites. These findings and others are documented in the new report. which is a cooperation of Greg Hale from ICSSTRIVE and Andrew Ginter from Waterfall Security Solutions. 

In this report

  • 2021 Data OT Outages​
  • Ransomware Consequences​
  • Future Recommendations​
  • Conclusions​
Report’s authors
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Andrew Ginter

VP Industrial Security at Waterfall Security Solutions

Picture of Greg Hale

Greg Hale

Editor & Founder At Industrial Safety And Security Source

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