Jesus Molina on the Biden National Cyber Strategy

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Waterfall team

The Biden-Harris administration recently released their National Cybersecurity Strategy. This week, Jesus Molina of Waterfall Security joined ICS Pulse Podcast to discuss the new policy’s impact on critical infrastructure and the increasing physical consequences of cyberattacks.

Speakers: Jesus Molina, Director of Industrial IoT, Waterfall Security

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Jesus Molina shares some fascinating aspects about industrial security, including a regaling story of that one time he hacked into his hotel room’s control system with a simple python script that enabled him to adjust the room’s lights, curtains, and HVAC, and he then expanded that capability so that it could do that for any room in the hotel, as well as the exterior and interior common areas.

The podcast then delves into some of the important details from the Biden-Harris administration’s recently released National Cybersecurity Strategy including some of the important details within the new strategy.


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