Gartner Peer Insights Offers Vetted OT Security Reviews of Waterfall Security

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Gartner Peer Insights is a public platform that offers verified reviews of enterprise technology and services by IT professionals, and Waterfall Security Solutions is one of 20 Operational Technology (OT) Security Vendors featured in the platform. Gartner Peer Insights is an open and engaged forum where decision makers can access reviews, research, and information to make more informed investments. The peer community features discussions, verified reviews, end-user ratings, polls, real-world accounts and tools executives value to work through challenges to arrive at clear conclusions about where it makes the most sense to invest.

The Gartner platform groups Waterfall Security with 19 other OT security vendors who range in size, revenue and value offering. Gartner defines operational technology as, “hardware and software that detects or causes a change, through the direct monitoring and/or control of industrial equipment, assets, processes and events.” OT security includes practices and technologies used to protect physical processes, control systems, assets, the environment and human lives.

Screenshot of Gartner Waterfall Security Peer Insights which show great overall ratings
Gartner Peer Insights for Waterfall Security

Waterfall Security Remains Top Pick

The Gartner portal has featured Waterfall Security since August 2022, and Waterfall has accumulated an impressive set of statistics, reviews and ratings in that timeframe. Waterfall’s Unidirectional Security Gateway Ratings Overview has received an average 4.5 star rating out of 5 stars from 31 peer, customer and service provider reviews. Of those 31 reviews, 48% were 5 star, another 48% were 4 star and 3% were 3 star – with 0 reviews at 2 and 1 stars. Out of the 31 reviews, 92% would recommend Waterfall products.

Gartner Waterfall Security Peer Insights Ratings for Waterfall Security Solutions Showing Great Star Ratings with most being 4 and above, and only one at three stars.
Waterfall Security Ratings

The peer review format is brief yet comprehensive and asks the following questions about each technology vendor: What do you like/dislike most about the product or service? Why did you purchase this product or service? What were the key factors that drove your decision? Which other vendors did you consider in your evaluation? The review further asks for ratings out of 5 stars on integration & deployment, service & support, and product capabilities.

What peers like about Waterfall Security

Among Waterfall’s key strengths as documented by the peer reviews were the following:

  • Customer service,
  • Hardware-enforced protection,
  • Wide array of connector channels to custom fit the needs of particular sites,
  • Strong customer focus,
  • Strong service, support and system architects,
  • Secure and robust design,
  • Strong security offering,
  • Higher level of security versus software-based firewalls,
  • Ease of installation,
  • Plug-and-play (easy administration and implementation),
  • Benefits of safe IT/OT integration,
  • Remote monitoring and cloud connectivity,
  • Simplified maintenance,
  • Product stability and track record across industries,
  • Cost efficiencies,
  • Reliability and integrity of the product,
  • Set-and-forget functionality, and
  • Multiple transports and protocols within a single gateway.

It is very promising to see the Gartner platform and the market reflect back what we at Waterfall Security believe so strongly about our products and team members. Reliability and strength of the technology is at the very core of Unidirectional Gateways’ ability to protect critical control systems and assets for industrial networks. As time goes on, and as Waterfall continues to release innovative products driving the future of OT security, we will be checking in on the honest and extremely valuable industry feedback the Gartner Peer Insights forum provides.


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