Engineering-grade OT Security – A Manager’s Guide

New Book Release

Our VP Industrial Security, Andrew Ginter, is releasing his 3rd book on industrial cybersecurity, entitled Engineering-Grade OT Security – A Manager’s Guide.

The new book explores engineering approaches to OT cyber risk – if your life depended on a boiler not blowing up, would you prefer a spring-loaded valve that steam pressure can force open to avoid over-pressurization? Or would you prefer a longer password on the computer controlling the boiler? Most of us would prefer a mechanical over-pressure valve, or three, thank you. But – where is the valve in the NIST CSF? In IEC 62443? This is an engineering solution, not a cybersecurity solution.
Engineering grade solutions are deterministic, mathematically model-able, and in a real sense, unhackable. The new book explores engineering-grade solutions in the context of the intrinsic differences between IT and OT networks, assessing network criticality, consequence boundaries, engineering models for OT cyber risk, and the legal obligations of due care – doing what any other reasonable person would do in similar circumstances.

Waterfall is pleased to make free copies of the book available to qualified practitioners.

About the Author

Andrew Ginter

Andrew Ginter

Andrew Ginter is the most widely-read author in the industrial security space, with over 20,000 copies of his first two books in print. He is a trusted advisor to the world's most secure industrial enterprises, and contributes regularly to industrial cybersecurity standards and guidance.


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