Evolving TSA Pipeline Security Directives | Recorded Webinar

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Andrew Ginter explores the evolution of the TSA’s directives for pipeline cybersecurity, as well as explaining their reasoning.


For decades, cybersecurity for infrastructure such as oil & gas pipelines was treated as a “done deal” until the May 7th Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Cyberattack. Regulators and business leaders were both caught off guard, having dismissed the robust security required for pipeline infrastructure as beyond sufficient.

While the OT environment of the Colonial Pipeline was never directly compromised, it did have to be shutdown till it could be confirmed that no breach had occurred. This precautionary measure presents a huge risk to all pipeline operations and led the TSA to rollout more robust directives for securing pipeline infrastructure. And there’s a good chance they’ll be rolling out some more in the near future.


Andrew Ginter – VP Industrial Security at Waterfall Security Solutions and author of Secure Operations Technology (SEC-OT)

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Picture of Waterfall team

Waterfall team

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