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Government Network Cybersecurity
Government and Defense

Cybersecurity for Government Networks

Securing a classified/high-security network with a Unidirectional Security Gateway, ensuring continuous and secure cross-domain data flow, while preventing sensitive data from leaking into or being exfiltrated from external, low-security/unclassified networks.

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OT Security Solutions
OT cybersecurity insights center

OT Security Solutions: Exploring Technologies

The operational technology (OT) environments that power critical infrastructure face rapidly escalating cyber threats. As facilities like power plants, water treatment centers, and manufacturing plants connect operations to external networks, they expose vulnerable legacy OT systems. Attacks like TRITON, Stuxnet, and Industroyer demonstrate the damage hackers can inflict when they access operational networks. To protect themselves, organizations need OT security solutions exploring for industrial control systems.

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ISP Chris Gorog episode 119
OT cybersecurity insights center

Managing Trust in Massive IIoT Systems | Episode 119

Smart meters, smart cities and the IIoT – when thousands of systems of millions of low-power devices need to talk to each other, and talk between systems, managing trust is hard. Dr. Chris Gorog of BlockFrame walks us through the problem and the work BlockFrame and the University of Colorado have been doing to solve the problem.

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