Waterfall Security and Contel Technologies completed 3 Joint Projects

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Waterfall Security and Contel Technologies Awarded 3 Joint Projects for Implementing Security Solutions

Waterfall Security and Contel Technologies collaborated to enhance cyber defence at Etgal Power Station, Taro, and Tower Semiconductor

The cyber protection technology developed by Waterfall Security protects OT networks with the use of Unidirectional Security Gateways and is integrated into many industrial plants and infrastructure facilities. These installations were carried out by Contel Group, a well-known Israeli company, which integrates process control systems. Contel frequently uses Waterfall’s solutions to protect critical infrastructures and Waterfall’s solutions are included in the integrated protection system that Contel provides to Israeli critical infrastructure facilities. Contel provides its customers with a comprehensive solution for both control and software, as well as the relevant regulated security aspects. 

Shai Gershon, Co-CEO, Contel Group: “We are required to protect the control and computing systems we provide, in compliance with regulation. The solutions we provide to protect our customers’ systems are based on the world’s most advanced cyber technologies. One of them, the Waterfall solution, creates a separation between the operational network (OT) and the administrative network (IT). Its implementation is relatively simple and saves time for our engineering team. The product has relatively high survivability and high reliability, which are very important in OT applications.” 

Amir Grovais, VP of EMEA & APAC Sales, Waterfall: “I am grateful for the successful and fruitful cooperation between the two companies. Contel specializes in multidisciplinary engineering solutions for various segments such as control, automation, cyber, IT computing, infrastructure, communication, and energy. It is a veteran distributor of Waterfall in the Israeli industrial sector and successfully integrates our products into the various industrial platforms in compliance with international standards.” 

Among the facilities in which Contel has implemented Waterfall technologies, one can find the new Etgal power station of Shikun & Binui in Ashdod, which operates on natural gas and supplies 186 megawatts energy capacity. “In this case, the Ministry of Energy requires the strictest regulation which also includes a cyber solution of a buffer between the networks “, explains Gershon. 

Contel also serves industrial plants such as Taro, Tower Semiconductor, and Tzeelim photovoltaic power plant. Waterfall security solutions were implemented in all of them. “In these cases, the customers wanted to reduce risks, so they asked for a stronger secure connectivity, and we provided them with Waterfall’s solution”, explains Gershon. 

Gershon says that Contel works successfully with Waterfall and emphasizes that: “This is the most reliable solution available today, which provides 100% separation between networks. Due to the hardware’s physical characteristic, it does not allow any external penetration to the operational network.” 

In 2024, the two companies continue working together towards new joint projects, both in critical infrastructure facilities and in industrial plants.


Left to right: Benny Sela, Shai Gershon, Amir Grovais
Left to right: Benny Sela, Shai Gershon, Amir Grovais


About Waterfall 
Waterfall Security Solutions is a global leader in industrial cyber protection (OT Security). Waterfall products, based on its Unidirectional Security Gateway technology, present an evolutionary alternative to firewalls.

About Contel Technologies 
Contel has recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. It is a leader in implementation and assimilation of advanced technologies in Israeli industrial plants. It employs over 300 people at its headquarters in Kiryat Aryeh in Petah Tikva and in various branches across the country.


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