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hosted by Andrew Ginter & Nate Nelson

A cyber security podcast deep-diving into the most pressing emerging issues in SCADA technologies today. But don’t just take our word for it. Each new episode features a leading voice in the world of industrial control systems security. You’ll hear from executives, engineers, researchers and more. Each guest brings their own unique take on what’s wrong with how we do things today, and how to fix it.

ICS security is complicated. Here is where it all comes together
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A Must for IT/OT Novices and Experts Alike
"I look forward to listening to every episode and bringing a lot of the takeaways to upper management for tangible implementations in OT environment security" - Lucas Weatherall, United States
Well Researched
"Well produced, interesting topic, very up-to-date with a lot of information that is useful to me professionally." - Mardeng, Germany
Strongly recommend this podcast for anyone interested in ICS security
"This podcast and its conversational format makes the subjects covered very accessible." - ilCarrubba, United States
Invaluable concepts and great conversations!
"Great conversations with professionals that have a different approach in the broad field of security, learn different concepts that are not always around." - Victor Gabriel Flores, United States
A must for both IT and OT system owners/users/defenders
"This is a great podcast examining real challenges in the ICS/SCADA arena" - Adroit2040, Canada
Needful Content
"Andrew Ginter is a well-known ICS security expert, and he brings his considerable knowledge to bear in a way that is both informative and accessible" - WtFDUltima, Canada
Very informative source of information for professionals
"[The podcast] elevates the fundamental idea of IT and OT separation and also provides deep dives into multiple CyberSec topics." - MasterBlockWarrior, Poland
Bridging industrial Cybersecurity Workforce Gaps | Episode #101

Different kinds of organizations in different stages of their cybersecurity evolution need to look for different kinds of people to contribute to their industrial security programs. Jason Rivera a Director at Security Risk Advisors joins us to look at workforce capability gaps and different approaches needed to fill those gaps in different scenarios.

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IIoT Firmware Visibility – Under the Hood | Episode #99

Windows and Linux operating systems provide a lot of detail as to what software & versions of the operating system, applications & libraries are installed. Most firmware provides almost nothing – a single firmware version number. Thomas Pace, Co-Founder and CEO of NetRise joins us to look at gaining visibility into industrial device firmware and vulnerabilities.

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Living at the Edge – Visibility into Edge Devices | Episode #98

Industrial network monitoring and intrusion detection tend to start at the highest level networks – the ones closest to the IT network. Ron Fabella, CTO and Co-Founder of Synsaber joins us to look at the problem the other way around – at how important and how useful it is to monitor our lowest level networks – the edge networks closest to the physical process.

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Consequences Matter - Industrial Security Podcast Eps. 96 with Danielle Jablanski of Nozomi Networks
Consequences Matter | Episode #96

Worst-case consequences of compromise determine government and societal policies, so consequences matter, especially for critical infrastructure security. Danielle Jablanski, OT Cybersecurity Strategist at Nozomi Networks joins us to look at threats, consequences and policies for critical infrastructure security.

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Really Committing to Supply Chain Security | Episode #95

Supply chain security is bigger than one standard or one approach. Supply chain has fingers into remote access and cloud services and many other things beyond SBOMs and vendor questionnaires. Pedro Fernandes of Accenture joins us to look at the big picture and at what it takes to really commit to supply chain security.

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ROI Mistakes for Cybersecurity Investments | Episode #94

Cybersecurity investments, like safety investments, involve ROI calculations. But unlike safety, security ROI is not baked into engineering practice. Wally Magda – a senior standards and security instructor, advisor and former NERC CIP auditor joins us to look at today’s ROI problems and what to do about them.

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Why and Who – Not Just How | Episode #91

The big picture of industrial security programs is why we do security, who does what, and to what standards or risk tolerances. Darren Conway of Capula joins us to look at documenting industrial security policies and programs, not just technology.

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