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The Industrial Security Podcast

Hosted by Andrew Ginter and Nate Nelson

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Petrochemical Manufacturing Cybersecurity – Sameer Koranne | Episode #62

Commodity vs specialty chemical manufacturing is different in kind, not just quantity. Sameer Koranne, Global OT Lead for IBMs X-Force incident response team talks about manufacturing, safety and security.  Listen now or Download for later  Your browser does not support the audio element.https://youtu.be/aChC0wsHf0c The Industrial Security Podcast Hosted By Andrew Ginter and Nate Nelson AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE YOU LISTEN TO PODCASTS​ Share on whatsapp Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on twitter Previous episodes

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The Science of Security – Terry Ingoldsby | Episode #53

Like civil engineers building bridges, security engineers should have quantitative goals: How secure must the system be when commissioned? (How much load must the bridge carry?) How long must the system maintain that security level without major maintenance? (How long must the bridge carry that load reliably between major repairs?) Join Terry Ingoldsby to explore the science of security.

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