Webinar Recording: Engineering Cybersecurity Mitigations for Municipal Water Systems

Mariano Martín Tirado (Acciona), and Rees Machtemes (Waterfall Security) discuss the risks and threat environment that Water Utilities face and how to counter against them.

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Waterfall team

Large water utilities are looking to gain efficiencies by adopting new distributed edge devices and digital transformation initiatives incorporating the latest machine learning and AI algorithms. Meanwhile, small to mid-size municipalities, are wanting to maintain their reliability without increasing their rate-base. Yet, a worsening threat environment looms over North American and European operators. Increasingly sophisticated criminal ransomware, hacktivist, and nation-state actors have penetrated water utilities – without yet causing severe consequences. Nevertheless, the fact is that attacks have reached into critical networks and are nearly doubling year-over-year.

In this webinar recording, Mariano Martín Tirado, a Tech Leader at Acciona, and Rees Machtemes, Waterfall’s Director of Industrial Security, discuss:

arrow red right The latest incidents and trends impacting the Water industry.

arrow red right Recent developments in the field of engineering-grade mitigations to cyber risks that apply to Water & Wastewater operations.

arrow red right Strategies to protect water distribution and collection control systems.

arrow red right Opportunities to boost municipal cyber security for water systems through the purchasing and procurement process.

arrow red right Enabling the digital transformation of municipal water systems in the most secure way.

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