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Targeted ransomware has emerged as the pervasive threat to critical industrial infrastructures and OT networks. All production downtime reported in 2020 was due to targeted ransomware, as was the 2021 Colonial pipelines breach – the biggest OT cyber impact in US history. In this webinar, Andrew Ginter of Waterfall Security Solutions walks us through modern ransomware and other threats to OT systems. He reviews the difficulties and costs of applying conventional cybersecurity mitigations to OT networks. Andrew finishes with a deep dive into powerful new approaches to OT risk prevention – approaches that both simplify OT security mitigations, and reduce their costs. During this webinar, participants will also learn:
-The capabilities and impacts of modern targeted ransomware
– Why conventional cybersecurity is so difficult to apply to OT systems
– Secure Operations Technology (SEC-OT) and other approaches to risk prevention
– How risk prevention dramatically increases the effectiveness and reduces the cost of OT cybersecurity programs

Ahead Of the Trend
The ransomware trend shows every indication of worsening in the years ahead. Profitability is driving steadily increased sophistication in criminal tools and techniques. Trying to mitigate these risks with firewalls and intrusion detection systems is a cat-and-mouse game – every year, the mitigations get a little cleverer, but so do the attacks.

To get ahead of ransomware risks to OT networks, don’t mitigate cyber risks, eliminate them with Waterfall’s Unidirectional Security Gateways.

To learn more about Waterfall’s unidirectional protections, or to explore how your OT network designs can benefit from eliminating the risk of targeted attacks, please contact Waterfall for a free consultation with a unidirectional solutions architect.

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Picture of Waterfall team

Waterfall team

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