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Generation of electricity requires the proper functionality and operations of multiple, complex systems. We tend to take electricity as something trivial, a basic need that enables our day to day activities. Once in a while we get a glimpse of potential devastating outcomes when there are power outages and power station shutdowns.

Today we are familiar with shutdowns that are an outcome of maintenance issues, supply problems or an inability to meet the high demand. However, more sophisticated threats arose as the complex production systems got connected to the internet. Cyber-attacks, malware infection and remote control attacks are now also part of the threat landscape that can lead to disruption in power generation and supply.



Waterfall Security Solutions with its stronger-than-firewall solutions enhance control system network perimeter security and facilitates compliance with industrial Cyber security standards and best-practices such as power sector’s NERC CIP standards, industry IEC 62443 and NIST documents.


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