Waterfall Security Solutions Expands Into New Industries

Secures significant new funding round to facilitate rapid expansion

Rosh Ha’Ayin, Israel – January 14, 2020 – Waterfall Security Solutions, the OT security company, today announced a major expansion into new markets and industry verticals. In support of this expansion, Waterfall has secured a significant new funding round to enable aggressive growth.

Waterfall’s priorities for expansion are rail transport and Building Automation System markets for large facilities, including airports, casinos and large government installations. Waterfall reports several tier-1 customers in these arenas already, in addition to a large installed base in existing markets, including electric power, oil & gas, and critical infrastructures across the globe.

“Waterfall is the leader in OT security. It enables the most robust OT security solutions in the market,” said Kent McGaughy, Managing Director at CPMG, who led the investment. “It is clear that Waterfall’s products are essential to protecting OT environments at any facility where physical downtime and compromise are unacceptable.”

“CPMG has a history of investing in enterprises that have grown to dominate their markets,” said Lior Frenkel, CEO and Co-Founder of Waterfall Security Solutions. “We are delighted by this endorsement of our work and vision at Waterfall.”

As part of positioning Waterfall for continued success in these new markets, Travis Reese, the president of FireEye, has been named Chairman of Waterfall’s board of directors.

About CPMG

CPMG is an American investment management company focused both in liquid and illiquid equity markets. Previous investments by CPMG include Mandiant, which was acquired by FireEye in 2013.

About Waterfall Security Solutions

Waterfall Security Solutions is the OT security company, producing a family of Unidirectional Gateway technologies and products that enable safe IT/OT integration, enterprise-wide visibility into operations, and disciplined control. The company’s growing list of customers includes national infrastructures, power plants, nuclear plants, off-shore and on-shore oil and gas facilities, manufacturing plants, power, gas and water utilities, and many more. Deployed throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Waterfall products support the widest range of leading industrial remote monitoring platforms, applications, databases and protocols in the market. For more information, visit www.waterfall-security.com.

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