Waterfall Industrial Security Podcast Passes 100K Downloads

Widespread Interest in securing industrial control systems

Tel Aviv, Israel – Dec 3, 2019Waterfall Security Solutions, the OT security company, today announces that the popular Waterfall Industrial Security Podcast has passed the 100k downloads mark.

The Industrial Security Podcast Logo

The Industrial Security Podcast Logo

The Industrial Security Podcast was launched in January of 2019. Every episode highlights the knowledge, experience and perspective of an expert guest. Guests range through the entire spectrum of industrial security, from “bits and bytes” technical experts to risk assessment, governance and even recruiting gurus.

“The Industrial Security Podcast is all about cybersecurity for industrial facilities and OT environments,” says Lior Frenkel, CEO and Co-Founder of Waterfall Security Solutions. “As more OT sites are being targeted and attacked, OT security becomes even more important. The more we all know about defending our most important systems, the better we can defend those factories, infrastructures, and societies. Waterfall is pleased to provide this podcast series as a public service.”

Industrial Security Podcast episodes are generally released every two weeks, are usually 45-60 minutes long and include commentary and background information intended to make the guest’s material accessible to a wide audience. You can access the Waterfall Industrial Security Podcast at https://waterfall-security.com/podcasts and via your favorite iPhone and Android podcast apps.

About Waterfall Security Solutions

Waterfall Security Solutions is the OT security company, producing a family of Unidirectional Gateway technologies and products that enable enterprise-wide visibility for operations, with disciplined control. Waterfall products represent an evolutionary alternative to firewalls. The company’s growing list of customers includes national infrastructures, power plants, nuclear plants, off and on shore oil and gas facilities, refineries, manufacturing plants, utility companies, and many more. Deployed throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Waterfall products support the widest range of leading industrial remote monitoring platforms, applications, databases and protocols in the market. For more information, visit www.waterfall-security.com.

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