Waterfall BlackBox

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As an airplane black-box survives a crash, the Waterfall BlackBox survives a cyberattack, keeping your logs untampered and secure.

Waterfall Security’s patented BlackBox leverages Waterfall’s-market-leading, hardware-enforced unidirectional technology to securely gather, store, and transmit transaction, logs and other data into a storage repository located securely “behind” a Unidirectional Gateway. All data sent to the storage repository is stored physically outside the monitored network, inaccessible and untouchable.          

Inside Waterfall’s BlackBox there is a high-speed, high-capacity logging and analysis system, which can be used to detect attackers’ tracks, attempted changes, manipulation of records and abnormal logging and recording conditions. In time of need, data can be retrieved and inspected securely by physically accessing the BlackBox appliance via the Secure Data Access port. The Waterfall BlackBox faceplate hardware physically blocks the Secure Data Access port when the port is not in use.

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Contact us for more information: