Unidirectional CloudConnect

How to Reap The Benefits of the IIoT While Eliminating Risks of Cyberattack?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) promises revolutionary improvements in the efficiencies of industrial operations, manufacturing platforms, transportation systems, and utilities. However, these benefits require the massive deployment of connected devices that gather and communicate data, thereby increasing cyber-security attack surfaces dramatically, and opening paths for attackers to enter industrial networks.

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The answer for all of your IIoT cybersecurity needs is the Unidirectional CloudConnect. The CloudConnect acts as an Industrial IoT gateway, collecting data from industrial sources such as historians, industrial control systems, OPC servers and industrial devices then converting that data into a unified, cloud-friendly format, such as GE WebSockets, Azure IoT and SOAP Web Services. The CloudConnect then transmits the unified data securely out of the site and publishes into the industrial cloud. Unidirectional Gateway technology embedded in the CloudConnect ensures seamless connectivity with both industrial and cloud systems, and provides absolute protection from cloud-based threats.

Waterfall’s Unidirectional CloudConnect offers the highest level of IIoT cyber security, enabling data flow from industrial networks, directly into Internet-based and other cloud solutions, while preventing remote attacks from penetrating critical industrial networks.

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