Practical Guidelines on Cybersecurity: Requirements in Tendering

Practical Guidelines on Cybersecurity: Requirements in Tendering

The International Association of Public Transport (UITP) has published a report, ‘Practical Guidance on Cybersecurity: Requirements in Tendering’, addressing the lack of clarity and consistency across public transport operators (PTOs) and the supply chain to address cybersecurity. It provides unmatched consolidation of thought leadership on cybersecurity in the public transportation industry and across multiple modalities of passenger rail and bus.

The report highlights the need for more cybersecurity awareness in public transportation, the distinction between operational technology and information technology systems, commonality and reference to applicable cybersecurity standards, alignment of cybersecurity expectations of PTO buyers and vendors, and more cybersecurity engineering in the V-Model. The report’s publication is timely for PTOs due to the increasing number and sophistication of cyberattacks.

The UITP guide addresses five notable needs:

There are five noteworthy areas that are addressed in the UITP guide that are best represented as needs:


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If you are involved in the public transportation industry and concerned about cybersecurity, the UITP Practical Guidance on Cybersecurity is a must-read for you. It provides valuable insights into the current state of cybersecurity in the industry and offers practical solutions to address the challenges faced by public transport operators.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from industry experts and improve your organization’s security posture. Register now to access the report and start implementing its recommendations.

Serge Van Themsche
Rail industry expert and a major contributor to UITP Publication