With the 2023 US National Cybersecurity Strategy released, expectations are high that the US TSA will issue a new, fourth version of its directive for assuring the cybersecurity of the nation’s largest oil and gas pipelines in the near future. In part the new US strategy document reflects a steadily-worsening threat environment, and in part the strategy it reflects increased concern by the administration about the potential for shut-downs due to cyber attacks.

In this webinar:

We hope you will join us for this deep dive into the latest industrial / OT cybersecurity developments in the pipeline industry.


There will be two LIVE sessions on April 12, 2023 for this webinar:
1st session will be at 1 PM New York time
2nd session will be at 10 AM Singapore time


Andrew Ginter
Andrew Ginter

VP Industrial Security
Waterfall Security Solutions

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