Softprom Webinar – The Top 20 Cyberattacks on Industrial Control Systems & How to use Them to Improve IIoT and Cloud Security Designs

Missed the latest Softprom webinar about the Top 20 ICS Cyberattacks and how to use them to improve IIoT and cloud security designs? Catch up now and watch the full recording below


Andrew Ginter is the VP Industrial Security at Waterfall Security Solutions and works with the world’s most secure industrial sites. He is the co-chair of ISA’s SP-99 Working Group 1, a co-author of the Industrial Internet Consortium Security Framework and the author of two books on industrial security: SCADA Security – What’s broken and how to fix it and Secure Operations Technology. Andrew spent 20 years developing SCADA system and IT/OT middleware products and another 20 designing control system security products. He holds a BS in Applied Mathematics and an MS in Computer Science, both from the University of Calgary.

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