The Israeli High-Tech Association Names Lior Frenkel to Head the Cyber Companies Forum

The High-Tech Association of the Israeli Manufacturers Association has named Lior Frenkel, co-founder and CEO of Waterfall Security Solutions, to lead a newly established Cyber Companies Forum. Mr. Frenkel, a business leader and pioneer in cyber security in both Israel and the world, will spearhead the forum’s efforts to promote the Israeli cyber security industry on a global scale. Mr. Frenkel is uniquely qualified to contribute to the community in this way, having developed some of the strongest industrial cybersecurity solutions in the world and delivered those solutions to marketplaces world-wide.

The creation of the Cyber Companies Forum follows a sharp increase in global cyber attacks, especially on critical infrastructure and manufacturing sectors, from criminal, nation-state, and terrorist threat actors. Commenting on the opportunity to lead the forum, Mr. Frenkel states, “Israel leads the world in both cybersecurity and manufacturing innovation. Introducing our innovative security firms to our innovative manufacturers makes our manufacturers more competitive. Supporting our security innovators in their global expansion meets a universal need. Organizations all over the world need to adapt and thrive in an era where long-standing conflicts have shifted to the virtual arena and where cyber ​​threats have the potential to impact all of us.” Marian Cohen, President of the High-Tech Association of the Manufacturers Association and President of the technology company Mer Group Industries adds, “I am glad that in this challenging time, Lior Frenkel, a talented and experienced cyber expert, is leading this forum.”

The Cyber Companies Forum includes representatives of 30 leading cyber security companies in Israel and is expected to add additional members in the months ahead. Mr. Frenkel will drive the development of cyber policies and initiatives to support market expansion to serve Israeli entrepreneurs and start-ups seeking to penetrate international markets.

The new cyber forum will address industry-specific issues and government regulations at a collective level, will promote development in the areas of industrial security, investor relations and start-up funding, and will develop service offerings to association members. In addition, the forum will be a partner in building a cyber support system for members of the Manufacturers Association, using the association’s platform to connect manufacturing members to cyber members.

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