Remote Screen View

Waterfall Remote Screen View (RSV), a Unidirectional Security Gateway solution addresses the needs of critical infrastructures to remotely view server and workstation screens. Waterfall RSV protects critical networks absolutely from network attacks originating on external networks, and so simplifies compliance with regulations and standards.

The Waterfall RSV uses an internal, hardware based, unidirectional fiber optic link to replicate in real time the contents of server and workstation screens from industrial networks to corporate networks or other external networks. Due to the design of the hardware itself, data flow from the corporate network towards the industrial network is physically impossible. This preserves the industrial network segregation and protects critical assets as it eliminates any threats of cyber-attacks, incoming malware or human errors. At the same time, the solution allows remote, real time viewing of server and workstation screens located in the industrial network.

  • Screens from industrial computers are visible in external networks 
  • Hardware-enforced: information flow towards the industrial network is physically impossible
  • Eliminates cyber threats and risks
  • Screens are accessed by conventional web browsers, using conventional video streaming applications
  • Enables “escorted remote access” for untrusted vendor support
  • Complies with NERC-CIP CIP-004 “Escorted Remote Access” interpretation
  • No client software installation required
  • Screen viewing is password protected
  • Easy to install and maintain